Creating space for you thrive.

one-on-one coaching

IKON Coaching provides a bespoke coaching environments where individuals can discover their authentic core identity. These sessions are designed to produce personal transformation through the practice of paying attention to the right things in rhythm.

Cohort Coaching

Launch your success through a small group coaching. Cohorts create space spaces for you to do the important work of self discovery and activation. These groups allow you to grow as an individual while building community.

Events and Workshops

IKON Coaching events have two purposes. First, they are designed to introduce you the the process of self-expression. Second, they are opportunities to build community around this work. Popular events include the GO! Seminar, ReverseTed, Taking Control of your Finances and the Coffee Connection. Visit our event tab to discover more information.

LIfe’s adventure have you stuck? IKON Coaching will clear away the obstacles and launch you into what you want.

Why Choose IKON Coaching?

EVERY ADVENTURE BEGINS WITH EXCITEMENT - You overflow with possibilities. However, something lurks in the dark. Fear creeps in, overpowering your excitement. You acknowledge the struggle of your adventure. You lose your conviction, leading to the feeling you call stuck. IKON COACHING CAN HELP - We have developed a simple framework that clears away the roadblocks in your path. As a result, our clients regain the freedom to powerfully engage their adventure in business, relationships, creativity and faith.

Meet our coaches

Guides to on your journey to success.
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Kirk Wayman

Executive Coach
Kirk is the founder of IKON Coaching and draws from a rich experience in business development, non-profit management and social entrepreneurial activity. He completed his undergraduate work in Business Management and a holds a Masters in Leadership. Kirk’s passion is to implement change by helping people connect deeply to their authentic self.
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Dave Charlson

Executive Coach
Dave is one of the most authentic people you will meet. He coaches from a power personal story and dynamic business life. He is a long-time business builder where he demonstrates the power of living from your authentic core identity. Dave holds a Mathematics degree and is passionate about helping people exchange limiting life patterns for their authentic self.
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Jason Odell

Financial Coach
Jason is still water which runs deep. He draws from a his expertise and life experience to help others gain control over their personal finance. He holds a degree in Business Administration an works as a mortgage loan officer. Jason’s passion is to help people have the resources to launch their dreams.
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Jay Franson

Personal Coach
Jay is gifted at creating space for people to thrive. He is most interested in helping them develop in an environment where they maintain quality relationships, both at home and at work. Being able to engage in an authentic way and pursue excellence takes a lifetime to master and Jay would love to partner with you on your adventure.
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Jeremy Byrne

Relationship Coach
Jeremy grew up in a family of therapists and is naturally drawn to asking real questions (the why of humanity). For the last 5 years he has traveled the world with Nothing Hidden Ministries helping singles learn to connect to themselves and their higher power and accept the inherent desire for relationship, connection and vulnerability.


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